In the Beginning

The history of the Kampa Group of restaurants dates back 15 years ago to 1994. Nils Jebens, the owner and founder of Kampa Group, arrived in Prague a couple of years earlier as a manager of Austrian enterprise for the Czech Republic. However, seduced by city's gorgeous looks and virgin marketplace, Nils made up his mind to settle in Prague. As he said himself "It was all just too good to let go. You only get an opportunity like this once in a lifetime: a beautiful city that's a total green field. Jut put the plough out. It almost didn't matter what you did". Thanks to his passion for fine dining, the idea to open a restaurant was a natural. Nils started the operations of his first restaurant Kampa Park together with a Swedish entrepreneur Tommy Sjöö in the summer 1994. From the beginning, Kampa Park emphasized attention to detail and decor, snappy service and beautiful presentation.

This strategy, ideal location in Prague's Lesser Quarter and attractive terrace on the river bank with great view to Charles' Bridge and the Old Town, made Kampa Park a premier dining destination for locals and tourists, including A-list celebrities from every continent in the world.

Encouraged by the success of Kampa Park, Nils Jebens expanded his restaurants business on his own for three more restaurants: Le Monde in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 2000, Square at Malostranská square in Prague in June 2002 and Hergetova Cihelna on Cihelná street on the Vltava river bank in December 2002, located right next to Kampa Park. The opportunity to purchase two more restaurants followed quite soon - in the year 2004 Nils took over two famous Prague restaurants - La Provence and Bazaar, rounding out the family of Kampa Group restaurants to six.

Kampa Group Today

In 2004, Nils Jeben's restaurants (5 in Prague and 1 in Bratislava) were brought under one company: Kampa Group. All of these restaurants specialize in providing our guests the very best cuisine, service, décor and atmosphere. All offer something different, covering a wide range of culinary styles, settings and price levels.

Kampa Park and its sister restaurants have established a reputation as the premiere restaurant group in the Czech Republic, and now we are taking that further by offering our guests more premium dining choices and benefits.

Our Star performers

Nils Jebens - Restaurateur

Nild Jebens Nils Jebens, born in Norwegian Oslo in the year 1962, arrived first to Prague in 1992 as a Deputy Casino Director of Austrian group Casinos Austria International. Apart from setting up their flagship casino, Casino Palace Savarin, he managed their ten operations in the Czech Republic.

Prior to his move to Prague, Nils served in the Royal Norwegian navy as a seal (Bomb Disposal Diver) from 1981 until 1983. Afterwards he studied the postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Austria, in Vienna. From 1988 until 1994 Nils worked for the already mentioned Austrian enterprise Casinos Austria.

Nils, seduced by city’s gorgeous looks and virgin marketplace, made up his mind to settle in Prague very soon. As he said himself – „It was all just too good to let go. You only get an opportunity like this once in a lifetime: a beautiful city that’s a total green field. Just put the plough out. It almost didn’t matter what you did“.

Thanks to his passion for fine dining, the idea to open a restaurant was a natural. First one of his restaurants in the Czech Republic was Kampa Park, open in 1994 in Prague, afterwards followed Le Monde / 2000 Bratislava, Square and Hergetova Cihelna / 2002 Prague, La Provence and Bazaar / 2004 Prague.

E-mail: nils@kampagroup.com, tel: +420 296 826 099

Marek Raditsch - Executive Chef of entire Kampa Group

Marek RaditschMarek began his successful professional career back in 1992, when he won third place in the Youth Culinary Olympics in Germany. After finishing a degree in hotel management in 1993 Marek began to build his professional experience as sous chef in the international restaurant Brasserie Mozart, in Prague's Obecni dum (Municipal Opera House). This was followed in 1994 with his promotion to head chef at Segafredo restaurant (Italian cuisine), in 1996 as head chef of Barock restaurant (asian fusion) and of Pravda restaurant (international cuisine). From 2000, Marek has been Executive Chef of the entire Kampa Group, with a team of about 100 chefs working for him.

Marek has collected rich international experience while working with some top international talent, including in Copenhagen's Kong Hans Kaelder restaurant and Era Ora, both of which are designated with one Michelin star, Norwegian restaurant Feinschmecker (one Michelin star) and in Bagatelle, which has been awarded two Michelin stars.

Marek has also had the opportunity during his career with Kampa Group to serve some world-famous guests including Norwegian King Harold and Queen Sonja, Monaco's Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mick Jagger's 60th birthday dinner, Robbie Williams, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and many more.

E-mail: marek@kampagroup.com, tel: +420 602 229 102

Office Contacts

Stanislava Buřivalová

Ing. Stanislava Buřívalová
executive director
+420 296 826 099

Company information

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