The story of Kampa Group restaurants

Once upon a time…

In 1994 Nils Jebens, the owner and founder of Kampa Group, arrived in Prague and got immediately seduced by city’s gorgeous looks and virgin marketplace. It was a beautiful city, a total green field – just too good to let go. And so he settled in Prague and thanks to his passion for fine dining, the operations of his first restaurant Kampa Park started right away. From the very beginning, Kampa Park payed the highest attention to detail, decor, snappy service and beautiful presentation. All of this, topped by the ideal location in Prague’s Lesser Quarter and attractive terrace on the river bank overlooking the Charles’ Bridge, made Kampa Park a premier dining destination.

The Expansion of Prague’s fine dining

Encouraged by the success of Kampa Park, Nils opened three more restaurants: Le Monde in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 2000, Square at Malostranská square in Prague in June 2002 and Hergetova Cihelna on Cihelná street on the Vltava river bank in December 2002, located right next to Kampa Park. And quite soon, the opportunity to purchase two more restaurants followed. In 2004 Nils took over two famous Prague restaurants – La Provence and Bazaar. All six of these restaurants specialize in providing the very best cuisine, service, decor and atmosphere.

Kampa Group Today

In 2004, all these restaurants were brought under one company: Kampa Group. Each of them offer something different, covering a wide range of culinary styles, settings and price levels.
Kampa Park and its sister restaurants have established a reputation as the premiere restaurant group in the Czech Republic. Locals, tourists, and even A-list celebrities from around the world visit the restaurant regularly.

Our Star performers

Nils Jebens


You can contact Nils at:


Tel: +420 296 826 099

Marek Raditsch

Executive Chef of entire Kampa Group

You can contact Marek at:


Tel: +420 602 229 102