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Kampa Park restaurant celebrates 20 years

Kampa Park restaurant celebrates 20 years

One of the most famous and successful fine dining restaurants in the metropolis will turn 20 this fall.

Throughout the years we have hosted guests like VÁCLAV HAVEL with his wife Dagmar, Karel Gott or Lucie Bílá, as well as many famous politicians, businessmen and artists from all over the world such as Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mick Jagger, Pelé or Johny Depp. "A unique curiosity is the fact that all the actors who played James Bond - Sean Connery, Sir Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig - visited” shares our owner Nils Jebens. And what did they eat? Throughout the years the menu of Kampa Park included a few dozens of interesting dishes, some of which became legendary and remained on the menu for several years, or never disappeared. Even after twenty years, you can try our pepper steak with crispy potato cake, cipollini onions, zucchini, and Cognac sauce and other stars olive oil poached halibut with black truffles, crispy bacon, potato mash with French mustard, and vegetable foam or seared scallops with cauliflower, nuts, raisins, and capers beurre blanc. You can also get seared duck foie gras with mango and peach medley, raisins chutney and brioche. The last star of our menu is strawberry cappuccino with vanilla ice cream, walnuts, meringue, and forest berries skewer. It is served with a sprig of lavender, which before being served is ignited so that the guests initially perceive the scent of lavender, and only then can taste the unique flavor composition of sweet and fruity tones that captivated thousands of guests, many of which return to get strawberry cappuccino regularly.

Cowboys restaurant is closed

Cowboys restaurant is closed

Dear guests and friends of Cowboys,

After 8 years of Cowboys, we have now decided to close for business! As of Monday, March 24, Cowboys as you know it, does not anymore exist.

The reason for the sudden closure was that we were given an ultimatum, to immediately pay double our current rent (back to 2007 level) or move and get a “severance” package.

Due to the fact that the premises have been in need of repairs despite our requests for a long time, as well as the belief that the concept deserves a more convenient location for our regulars, we quickly decided that a prolongation of the lease relationship was not a viable option.

Another factor that made the closure a positive decision, is the fact that our Hergetova Cihelna and Kampa Park restaurants are busier than ever and need more staff. By closing Cowboys, we could offer the staff positions in the other restaurants and ensure that our customers get the high level of care they expect.

 We are currently trying to move all future reservations from Cowboys to Hergetova Cihelna and Kampa Park, and all guests who have vouchers or credits for Cowboys will be refunded or get a similar offer for the other restaurants.

We apologize for all inconveniences this has caused our guests and colleagues, but we promise that the “COWBOYS” will saddle up and ride “in a theater near you” before you know it.

On behalf of the rest of the Cowboys TEAM, we would take the opportunity to thank you for your patronage during the eight years and hope to see you all soon in our other venues.

All the best and cheers, Nils

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